How to pray when under spiritual attack


Recognizing Spiritual Attack


Spiritual attack is a concept that many believers grapple with. Understanding it from a biblical perspective is paramount in overcoming it. This article focuses on how to pray when under spiritual attack.

Understanding Spiritual Attack: A Biblical Context

spiritual attack is a series of circumstances where the enemy, Satan, uses our desires, thoughts, and other aspects of our life to divert us from pursuing God and His righteousness actively.

  • This concept emerges from the teachings of Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:10-18.
  • Paul describes spiritual warfare as a struggle against the dark forces of this world, and principalities and powers in high places.

Identifying Signs of Spiritual Attack

Recognition of a spiritual attack is the first step towards victory. These signs may manifest in various ways:

Physical Manifestations:

  • Unexpected health problems
  • Lack of energy or fatigue

Emotional Signs:

  • Feelings of overwhelming fear or anxiety
  • Despair or depressive thoughts

Spiritual Indications:

  • Doubting your faith
  • Feeling distant from God

Reasons why Spiritual Attacks Occur

Understanding why you might be experiencing spiritual warfare is key.

  • One reason might be sinful living. When we live a life that is not in alignment with God’s will, we open ourselves up for spiritual attack.
  • Surprisingly, another reason for spiritual attacks could also be because you are walking in God’s will. The enemy tends to attack those who pose threats to his kingdom.

Role of Prayer in Spiritual Warfare

Prayer cannot be underestimated in the context of spiritual warfare.

  • The Bible is filled with examples where prayer made a difference in the spiritual realm.
  • Daniel 10 speaks of a spiritual battle fought by angelic beings which shifted only because of Daniel’s prayers.

Strategies on How to Pray When Under Spiritual Attack

Preparing for Prayer

Before going to prayer, it’s important to prepare oneself physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually.

  • Faith: Believe that God listens and has the power to change your circumstances.
  • Spiritual cleansing and Repentance: Confess all known sins and repent.

How to Pray During Spiritual Attack

Certain strategies can be employed during a spiritual attack:

  • Armor of God: You can use the Armor of God during prayers by declaring and claiming each piece (Ephesians 6:13-18).
  • Praying in Jesus’ name: Jesus gave us the authority to use His name in prayer against attacks.
  • Praying Scriptures: Using God’s Word can be powerful in prayer. You’re essentially declaring God’s promises over your life.

The Power of Fasting and Prayer

The Bible highlights several instances where fasting and prayer were used in spiritual warfare.

  • Importance of fasting: Fasting intensifies prayer and helps us to center our attention on God.
  • Significance in spiritual warfare: It’s a spiritual weapon that can bring breakthroughs in the spiritual realm.

The Role of Praise and Worship

Engaging in praise and worship is another powerful weapon against the enemy.

  • It aligns our spirits with God and creates an atmosphere where God’s presence can dwell
  • It confuses the enemy and can cause spiritual breakthroughs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Bible say about spiritual attacks? The Bible indicates that we’re in a spiritual battle against forces of evil (Ephesians 6:12).

How do you know you’re under spiritual attack? Signs may include: bouts of depression, negative thoughts, physical illness, etc.

How do prayers help during spiritual attacks? Scripture promises us that when we pray, God hears and has the power to respond.

Can fasting help with spiritual attacks? Yes. In the bible, fasting is often associated with seeking a more intimate relationship with God and symbolizes a deeper commitment to prayer.


Understanding our authority as believers & equipping ourselves with tools like prayer, fasting, praise, and worship can help us overcome spiritual attacks. We’re reassured by the fact that no matter how fierce the attack, God always gives us the victory. He loves us, and He fights for us.

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